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 CP7200 Colony Picker at a Glance

   - Compact Footprint
   - Speed
   - Accuracy
   - Reliablity
   - Simplicity


 Ultra Fast Picking Rates

   - Continuous Flow Picking
   - Pick rate of 7200 colonies per hour
   - Transfer time between pick and      place is typically 3.5 seconds


 Reliable and Easy To Use

  Two units have picked over 6 million   colonies and continue to operate   regularly. With simple real-time   control, new users can be trained
  to operate the picker in about an hour.



   - Accommodates Wide Variety of      Labware
Re-Array Option
   - Colony Counting Option
   - Upgradeable


GEBR DNA Gel Marker System

The GEBR system incorporates an advanced gel documentation system with an automated marking system optimizing imaging and image analysis workflow in life science laboratories reducing exposure times for delicate DNA to less than 5 seconds including digital image capture.

Once the image is captured and the bands of interest have been selected; the robotic arm marks all four corners of the selected band, sterilizing the tool
between each band. The gel is imaged and marked in just a few minutes. The bands of interest are clearly visible with a white light box and can be carefully excised without causing harm to the DNA or to the user.

GEBR DNA Gel Marker System

State-of-the-art technology improves all aspects of DNA gel analysis and manipulation, providing safety, enhancing DNA integrity, improving speed and automation for increased throughput, all at a reasonable cost.

"We are setting new standards in innovation” said Tim Vincent, PhD, Director of Applications, at Norgren Systems. “A long standing problem in molecular biology is how to excise DNA bands from agarose gels without damaging the DNA by exposure to UV light or exposing the operator to UV light. The GEBR system provides an elegant solution to this problem while also providing an excellent gel imaging and documentation instrument."

CP7200 Colony Picker

Norgren Systems announces a breakthrough in miniaturizing and paralleling Colony Picker automation resulting in record breaking speed, reliability, compactness and ease of use.

Smaller Is Better

Beyond the obvious value of saving scarce laboratory space, compact design brings many benefits to intensely robotic instruments such as Colony Pickers.

CP 7200
CP7200 Colony Picker

Smaller distances to travel mean higher speeds, lover accelerations, higher positioning accuracy for the fastest, most accurate picking with the highest yields and lowest "no-grows."

The Norgren CP7200 offers the smallest footprint of any Colony Picker available today. At only 22" w x 20" h and 45 pounds, the CP7200 is easy to locate and easy to relocate. The CP7200 easily fits on lab benches, in a hood, on a mobile cart or even a desk. Beyond convenience an economy, this extreme compactness minimizes travel time and error accumulation while increasing speed, instrument reliability and lifetime.

Fast Concurrent Operations Minimize Colony Dry-Out

CP 7200
Compact Footprint

Performing several operations simultaneously is an obvious way to speed up processing. The CP7200 performs picking, transferring, placing, washing, and sterilization operations simultaneously using a unique rotating carousel of 20 tungsten needles. While one needle is picking, another is placing, another is being washed and another is being sterilized.

Overlapped action not only results in the fastest picking rate available but, unlike multi-pin heads, also results in brief and uniform transfer time (typically 3.5 seconds) between pick and place. This minimizes drying of colonies, requirements for clumsy humidifiers, and pattern bias between first and last picked.

Less obvious benefits of concurrent operation include the division of labor into simple, specialized robotic motions. The CP7200 independently positions the source plate under the picking needle and the target plate under the placing needle. Even these x and y motions occur solely through the rotation of the carousel while the plates are being positioned for the next colony. This specialization combined with an elegantly compact design minimizes travel time and eliminates position drift, error and motor heating.

Overlapping Action

Simple Real-Time Software

Simple operation is a major CP7200 strength. As shown, the vast majority of interaction involves only the single, main screen. At the top left are four buttons which invoke the image capture, image processing, optional manual image edition, and picking/placing functions respectively. After installation, only rarely will the buttons on the right, which invoke screens to establish parameter vales and perform calibration functions, be used.

During operation, a stylized image of the picking candidates on the source place is displayed. Positions of colonies to be picked are shown in blue...once picked their color changes to red. This simple scheme gives the operator a complete, easy to use status of current operations in real-time. If desired, the complete source plate image may be displayed with selected colonies highlighted.

CP 7200
Simple To Operate!


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